Writer's Block: Pros and Cons

How has technology benefited the world? Or has it worsened it?

It's a double edged sword. Technology has improved our standard of living and made it much easier for people to share knowledge, but at the same time we have become reliant upon it. In the more developed countries with high-tech cars, e-mail, cell phones, state of the art medical treatment, etc; we tend to think of ourselves as better off than our 3rd World counterparts. HOWEVER, if all the computers were to be shut down due to terrorist attack or atmospheric disruption, it would be the man in Afghanistan or any other under-developed country who has lived this way all his life that would be unaffected, while the rest of the so-called "civilized" world would be thrown into chaos.
Like all things, technology comes with its advantages and its disadvantages.

Writer's Block: Love is in the Air

Describe the perfect date.

A night or two in a cabin by a lake with no one around for miles. A romantic dinner comprised of steak, salad, breadsticks and a bottle of sweet red wine, topped off by sharing a loveseat and blanket in front of the fireplace with music playing gently from a stereo....yes, I am straight and yes, I am a romantic at heart lol...and single, just so you know ;)


Just found an old poem I wrote way back in Basic Training. This was written during what was probably the hardest time for me while I was there. I was beginning to doubt myself, I was homesick, and I hadn't heard from my girlfriend at the time so all sorts of paranoid scenarios were running through my mind. I don't know if I have ever put into words how I felt so eloquently as I did with this poem.

Nikolas T. Monastere

Seconds bleeding into minutes
Suddenly we've lost a day
If experience leads to wisdom
Why have I nothing wise to say?

We're living lifetimes by the hour
And we've lost all track of time
When I return home changed and bitter
Can I still call you mine?

Strangers live in mirrors
I meet a new one everyday
Content with who they are
As for me I can not say

I don't know who I'm becoming
I hate the stranger who lives inside
And if I ever said "I'm okay"
Then you will know I lied